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Americium Americium

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Eddy Vedder and Kirk Hammett had a retarded baby

Yeah, sounds like you listen to a lot of Metallica and Eddy Vedder. This song really took you two hole months to mix and it still sounds like this?

Your "drums" sound like a remix of your land lord knocking on your door for rent.

potatoxmosher responds:

Two months with free recording software, a handheld mic, and a $0 budget otherwise. I'm quite proud of the final result.

I quit listening to Metallica after their Justice for All album, and I have no idea who Eddy Vedder is.

Drums are done on a tribal-themed kit. Not to mention the drummer lives on the opposite side of the country.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate your opinion and hope I have been helpful in my response. Fans like you are the reason I do what I do.

Ska Void 7 Ska Void 7

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This song...

makes me want to kill babies.

ragingmullet responds:

lol thanks. Maybe tell me why?

I Maed A C0v3r W1th Z0mbies... I Maed A C0v3r W1th Z0mbies...

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome Cover!

This cover was way better than the original. Loved it!

It's very rare that a cover is better, whether in mainstream or even weird indie music. This song is boss, thanks a bunch!

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Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank YOU. I'm glad you liked it. I'd been planning on doing this cover for ages, but recently got around to doing it.